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  • 2021-09-29
    Alternate shampoos: Yes or no?

    Are you the type who rotates various shampoos? One provides incredible volume, another pampers your damaged lengths and why not a third to smooth flyaways? Does this habit cause more harm than good? Let’s separate myth from reality. 1. The shampoo’s effects will be immediately visible. False. A shampoo can [...]

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  • 2021-09-14
    How to Choose Your Peroxide?

    You want to colour or bleach your hair at home, but choosing a peroxide leaves you perplexed? Read this article to determine the volume you need! What is peroxide, anyway? Peroxide, or oxidizing cream, is an oxygenated water mix that allows the hair cuticle to open up. It also contains [...]

    • #Box dye
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  • 2021-09-07
    How to take care of styling tools?

    To ensure your favourite dryer or iron remains by your side for years to come, you need to take care of it. Above all, to maintain the kind of performance you had the first day of use, certain good habits are required. 1. Cleaning The accumulation of styling products (heat [...]

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