Aloxxi - Tones Tones 9N - Roman Goddess


Tones 9N Roman Goddess is semi-permanent color specially designed to offer sublime tones. Featuring with CDP COMPLEX, its protective formula moisturizes the hair while giving a brilliant shine.


  • For healthy hair
  • Long-lasting color
  • Sulfate free
  • Paraben free
  • Sodium chloride free
  • Ammonia free

How to use

  • Mix Chroma of your choice with peroxyde 7 VOL at 1:2 ratio
  • Apply on hair
  • Process depending of color desired
  • Rinse
  • Style as desired

Essential set

For best results, start the coloration with the Pre-Color treatment Colour Prime. Its 3-in-1 formula equalizes the porosity of the hair, gently cleanes and helps enhance scalp comfort during development time. Perfect for people wtith sensitive scalp. Spray evenly on the hair and scalp prior to all applications. Continue with selected color application.

Complete the coloration with the Post-Colour Finissher ColourLock. Its cleansing formula closes the cuticules and adds shine to the hair. Apply, massage, rinse.

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