Pravana - Vivids Silver XL 8.4oz


Vivids Silver XL is semi-permanent color specially designed to add shine to your hair. His direct dyes application makes easier the treatment to offer gorgeous color.


  • Apply over previously highlighted strands at a level 9 or 10
  • Vivids colors are direct dyes that does not require developers
  • Enriched with silk and Keratin
  • Perfect to create many different shades

How to use

  • Apply Vivids directly to clean, dry hair without mixing with any developer
  • Process for 20-30 minutes at room temperature
  • Shamppo lightly with Vivids Color Protect shamppo and rince
  • Style as desired

*Tip* The demi-permanent Shine Degrees treatment is specially designed to deeply revitalize and add shine. It's formula equalizes the hair's porosity, favourizing hair color application, while extending its hold and adding maximum shine.

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  • Ends : 3oz Vivids Silver + 2 drops Vivids Blue
  • Strands : 3oz Vivids Silver + 2 drops Vivids Blue
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